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Equipment Purchase Tips

I have read many many articles on what is the best and why, but if you are reading this you are most likely new to prospecting. No need to go out and spend 5/10/20k on mining equipment. Spend 10-30 and see if it is right for you.. Get yourself a gold pan, shovel and permission.. That’s all it takes to start finding gold!!

If you are looking to get into metal detecting.. you don’t need to start off with the top of the line Minelab (though we would all love too!!) Check with some of your local dealers and see if you can rent a metal detector in your price range.. see how it fits you and the ease of use. Otherwise start with a $100 metal detector or a used one and see how much you use it..

Start off with some of the DIY projects. If you don’t have the drive to build some equipment, what makes you think you would have the drive to use it?

This is the best advice to give.. the high dollar equipment doesn’t get you any more gold if you don’t know how to use it!!

-The Gold Gittin’ Team