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Groups and Forums

There are several amazing groups out there! The team here at GG are lifetime GPAA members but that might not be right for you. I recommend you check them all out. There are local chapters of several groups! GPPA, LDMA, AMRA, and so so so many others. You will find great people in each! If you are new.. join a group first and foremost, it will save you time knowing where you can and can not go and also make some friends along the way!


There are some amazing forums out there to get you going and keep you motivated. Nuggetshooter is the one I frequent, but there are many out there for your specific location. People in forums are there to help.. Please always be courteous and keep the prospecting forums friendly! I have had many people send me places to go, modification ideas to equipment I own, sent me plans for things to build and have given me tools when I needed them.